Our Mission

DawaiRx is there to Inform, Inspire, and Involve Individuals towards better health outcomes. The mission here is to improve personal health literacy and engagement through health-tech innovations, Information, and services designed to be centric around YOU. DawaiRx is not a replacement for any healthcare provider advice or role but it works in parallel with professional support to direct individuals on exploring Nutritional supplements that can support personal health, aware of what medications or supplements can be taken together or not, and get matched with health topics, consultations, and pharmacy goods that resemble your Personal Health Factors. How we do it? Our team dedication to employing professional health expertise in Technical Innovations that can reflect individuals mindset towards Optimal Health


Nassim Midani

Founder DawaiRX CEO Phamo B.V Pharmacist Project Manager

Jano Sakr

Founder DawaiRx COO Phamo B.V Pharmacist Marketing Management

Elsy Bou Younes

Marketing and Digital Communications

Anna Maria Dannaoui

Nutrition Scientist Database Structure